Spa Facials

Mini Facial (60min) $65

This service targets specific needs for the skin. Using standard procedures such as cleansing, resurfacing, rejuvenating, purifying and detoxing.

Teen Facial (60min) $65

Our teen facial provides cleansing and exfoliation with a resurfacing component, followed by extraction (removing blackheads and whiteheads), and an anti-inflammatory mask for soothing and calming purposes.

Signature Facial (90min) $95

The signature facial emphasizes restoration, radiance, brightening and firmness. We incorporate Hydro-Oxygenating device to invigorate and hydrate the skin and infuse a blend of nutrients and vitamins into the skin using Electro-Currant Stim device. A relaxing massage with custom design mask will leave the skin glowing!

Anti-aging Facial (90min) $110 & up

(customized based on skin analysis) Anti-aging facial utilizes products and non-invasive machines to slow down the aging process. Based on the skin analysis, we concentrate on specific procedures for the needs to be provided for satisfactory of our clients!

Add on with your treatment: Peel-off Mask $10

Goji - Antioxidant.
Olive -Skin balancing.
Aloe - Skin calming.
Vitamin C- Revitalizing & brightening.

Add on with your treatment: Fleece Mask $15

Pure collagen- moisture & firming.

Add on with your treatment: Biocellulose Mask $15

Back Facial (90min) $85

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